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Welcome to Wednesdays with Willow Way!

Welcome to our blog, Wednesdays with Willow Way. We look forward to posting mid-week content that hopefully speaks to you. Willow Way is a sister-fronted band that writes from our divine feminine hearts. Melanie and I are both moms, partners, and daughters with shared experiences. Whether you identify as female, or want to consume our content and insights, we hope to share fresh perspectives on various topics. Something we look forward to doing is posting song lyrics and "behind the music" tidbits on how we wrote the song. Overall, that's just scratching the surface on what we hope to offer, and we invite you to join this media journey with us. We'll start with introductions and go from here. Wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the week and weekend. Sending care!

Jenn & Mel with Willow Way



  • older sister (auburn)

  • mom to Lelu and two geriatric pups

  • wife to Dustin (Willow Way guitarist and Uglysuit band member)

  • founder of Artio Services (Peacemaking Through the Arts)

  • laws of nature enthusiast and follower

  • yogi and boxer

  • lives in yoga pants


  • younger sister (blonde)

  • mom to sweet baby girl, Georgia

  • wife to Matt (who over wears camoflouge)

  • painter

  • spirit-driven

  • Fit for Moms enthusiast and participant

  • fashionista

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